Our particular Theresie🌹

Thérèse was recently asking me for her drink off the countertop.   Joseph was standing right there, so he passed it to her. “Noooooo!” she yelled, “I don’t want it.”  Apparently the drink tastes better if Mom hands it to you?

 She is not alone in expecting things done by a certain person in a certain way though.  Thomas is very particular about who feeds him. Aside from Mom and Dad, Gianna and Cecelia are deemed qualified but only on occasion.  For everyone else he goes lockjaw. Heaven forbid he sees someone else pushing him in his stroller besides Mom; that is completely and totally unacceptable.   

 There are other examples, but you get the point.   Despite the fact that they are getting help or being given exactly what they have asked for, they refuse as its not done exactly how they think it should be done.   They should simply be grateful that they are being cared for and loved, but they fuss and pout and end up only hurting themselves. Closing themselves off from the very thing they were asking for a moment before.  

 How often has this happened to me before in my prayer life?  I beseech the Lord for help, and because it does not come about in the way I thought it would, I close my heart to the paths he lays before me.  

 This is not what God desires of me.  I should simply place my prayer before the Lord and be indifferent to the way God sees fit to answer.   This is how I can demonstrate my trust in His care and Providence. This is also how I will find greater peace and joy.  

As we know as parents, often what our children ask for they do not need.  At times, they are being shortsighted in their request. Sometimes, they are right on the nose.  How, when and if we answer their requests we discern with a parents heart; wanting what is best for our children both in that moment and their entire life.  We do our best, but despite this, we do it imperfectly. God, of course, knows no imperfection.

 St. Padre Pio said it succinctly, “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.”

 Yes, I can learn something from my children’s silly tantrums.  I can seek to have that spirit of indifference to the Will of God.  I can humbly offer up my prayers and trust that I will be perfectly cared for with a Father’s Love. JMJ