Cecelia holding the same sign as her birthmother many years later...

Mother’s Day was wonderful this year.  Tate told the kids to write something specific to me in their cards they were thankful for.  I got some hilarious cards out of this! Such a gift to get a glimpse into their minds and how they view their mom.   

I also had my adopted children send a card to their birthmothers.  I continue to be filled with gratitude and awe at their sacrificial love for their birth children.  A love that entrusted them into our care.

Gianna wrote simply to her birthmother:  

“Happy Mother’s Day!  Thank you for choosing life for me.  Love, Gianna”

In the midst of all the rhetoric around the abortion debate today, Gianna cuts to the heart of the issue - “Thank you for choosing life for me.”


On Cecelia’s dresser she has a photo collage her birthmother gave her.   In one picture Cecelia holds a sign that reads, “Adoption, the Loving Option.”   In the other, her birthmother holds the exact same sign many years ago as a young girl like Cecelia.   Yes, it’s truly incredible!

 I had sent the picture of Cecelia holding the sign to her birthmother as Cecelia is living proof of that loving option.  Upon seeing the picture, Cecelia’s birthmother remembered herself holding the same sign and amazingly found the picture.

 Drew, Cecelia and Gianna’s birthmothers were given a choice.  They chose life, love, and light for their children. This choice required great sacrifice on their part.  This choice continues to come with a cost. However, even more it comes with the joy of knowing their birthchildren have wonderful lives.  

These true stories are ones that inspire. I know that this “choice” of life will be one that inspires Gianna, Andrew, and Cecelia all their life.   They have LIFE! Praise God! They are a true witnesses of what this debate is all about. This debate is not about “choice.” This debate is about life and death, light and darkness, right and wrong.   There is no middle ground. 

Here are the words Gianna’s birthmother wrote back to her upon receiving her card.   

“I love you. I remember being so scared to choose life. I thank God for a spirit of courage and the discernment of the heart. You are the epitome of love, patience, understanding and compassion. Thank you for the beautiful card.

I'm sure I am not alone in saying that this life, this world would not be the same without your presence. I questioned myself so many times, and love won! Love conquers all. God is love and and with that love I chose you! Everything happens for a reason. You are destined for greatness! I love you. Thank you for your sweet message💗”

Love conquers all.  God is love and with that love I chose you.  Inspiring!

 My heart aches for those mothers who cannot write these same words.  Some of them led astray, many pressured, all wounded. Jesus, may they know your healing mercy.  

God help us to not become complacent, but to set the world on fire with your love and speak the truth at all times with our lips, our actions, and our treasure.   

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us! JMJ