Why Did Christ Choose to Suffer?

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On Good Friday just a couple weeks ago, we were spending some time as a family reflecting on Christ’s Passion.  Gianna asked the question, “Why did Christ have to suffer so much?”


It is a simple question.  One worth pondering and answering.  A question that has been asked since the time of Christ to the present day.  There are many reasons I have read and heard explained. To name a few; He teaches us how to suffer, his sufferings show us the true ugliness of sin, and his obedience undoes the disobedience of Adam.  


However, as I continued to ponder this question over the next couple days, the reason that struck my heart was Christ was showing us how to love.  This is not an original thought on my part, just the one that stood out to me.


Could Christ have come in majesty from the heavens and simply redeemed the human race without all the pain and suffering?  Could he have just awed the entire world and left no doubt as to who He was? Of course! In truth, this display of power was more in line with what Lucifer expected of God.  The fact that God would lower himself to take on human flesh led to Satan’s fall. In his pride he declares, “I will not serve!” This, sadly, led to not only his fall, but many of his fellow angels.  


So why was this lesson in love so vital to us?  Possibly Christ was showing us a model that we, in our limited human nature, could follow.  We cannot come from the heavens in majesty. We cannot create from nothing. We cannot perform his mighty miracles.  But we can love.


Christ, in his great love for us, was showing us a way of life that despite our human weakness we could imitate with the help of his grace.  This is not the empty idea of “love” as the world misunderstands. This is a love that is total, faithful, and seeking what is best for the beloved.  This is a love that seeks forgiveness and reconciliation through self-sacrifice. This is the one true LOVE.


When I wake up each day, I ask the Lord to help me to love those around me as he loves.  If I can go through the day and lay my life down in love, this is a great day! This is a not an easy road, and I often fall.  However, if I seek His aid, He will never leave me abandoned.


Christ tells us to, “love one another as I have loved you.”  Christ invites us to respond to His great love for us with love of God and neighbor.  Christ shows us through His Passion this love comes with a cost. This love requires sacrifice, forgiveness, humility, and obedience.  


Thank you Jesus for showing me the way to everlasting happiness with you.   My dear Jesus, give me the graces necessary to be a witness to this love to my family and all I meet.  


Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto thine. JMJ

Fun at the beach!

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