I used to think Kawasaki was only a motorcycle brand.  We found out in August it is also the name of a disease.   After being unsure of what illness was plaguing James for almost a week, we discovered he most likely had Kawasaki Disease.  It is a rare non-contagious viral infection that causes inflammation of the blood vessels. If left untreated it can cause heart disease in children.  Yikes! So, we found ourselves at Children’s for treatment for three days. Thankfully, James responded to treatment well. He is back to the crazy three year boy I know and love!


Driving back to Children’s for his final follow up this morning I noticed a billboard for UC Health that has their new slogan, “In Science Lives Hope.”  What?


Now, I can understand the sentiment they are trying to convey.  That they are a great research hospital that is continuing to bring new and better treatments.  However, the statement just struck me as heretical. God is our hope, not science.


This is the belief of so much of the world today.  What can be seen with our eyes, what can be understood through science - this is what fascinates and moves us.  Reality is only what can be experienced by our physical senses. A world that inevitably passes away. Science is a study of the transitory.    


This pursuit of the world leaves us empty.   The common yearning of man to find meaning and purpose cannot be filled with science or scientific breakthroughs.  We are hardwired to want to understand who we are, why are we here, where are we going. Science can only explain a piece of that.  A piece that is incredible. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. The complexity of the human person though should point us to the question of who could design such a creature?  Who could design a world such as the one we live in?


Kids, so filled with wonder and awe, naturally understand the world is bigger than they are.  They cannot understand the science behind it all, but knowing that God made it all is enough for them.  As I unfold little by little the wonders of the physical world to my children in school their amazement that God could make it all continues to grow.  They do not worship the science, but rather the Creator that set all things in order.


Am I grateful for medical science and our hospitals?  100% yes! God has given us the minds to be able to better take care of our sicknesses and disease.  I am so very grateful for the care James received. For the care I have received through many pregnancies.  However, I know that any treatments and medicine we have are really from God. We are merely uncovering they which God has ordered.  


The grave risk of thinking science is our hope, is making science a false god.  Then ALL things become fair game in pursuit of science. We do not need to think hard to recall instances in the past and now of how man can overstep his boundaries.  Further, science cannot love, comfort, redeem, and forgive. No, these vital needs of the person can only be found in Christ.


I know this is only a billboard, but we have to be aware of the things our kids are taking in.   What are the things they are reading and watching? Simply pointing out the error in statements such as this is what we are called to do.  Making them think by asking them what do they see wrong with the statement. Getting them to think through things logically and sort through the nonsense.   Our children will benefit tremendously from these exercises.


In God lies our hope.  Our one true eternal hope. JMJ