Nooks and Crannies

Little moments of sweet smiles...

Joseph asked me the other night what I liked best about having a baby.  I had to pause and think. No one thing was coming to my mind. Instead it was so many little things.  Little fingers and toes, sleeping softly on my chest, quiet time nursing, first smiles - oh man I could go on and on.  Of course, these are the easier moments, but even getting up in the night with my baby came to mind. This is such an intimate time.  Changing diapers, soothing them when they are upset, and more. I told Joseph that I didn’t have one big reason, instead it is a million little things.  Joseph gave me a little smile and understood what I meant I think. It is in all the simple moments shared with my babies that add up to a heart bursting with love.


A priest was recently remarking in a homily how Christ shows us his love in the simple ways, in all the nooks and crannies of our life.  After Christ rose from the dead, he appeared to people in small groups. It wasn’t a large spectacle, but instead personal encounters that inflamed the hearts of those he appeared to.  He could have come in majestic glory to the masses, instead Christ chose the quiet of the garden, a room filled with quaking hearts, a road traveled with two disciples, a charcoal fire.  Christ, in his perfect humility, showed his disciples the fulfillment of all God’s promises in these little moments. Moments that changed the world.


In my own life, I too often find myself overlooking all these small “I love yous” from God.  I do not take the time to see them and appreciate them. What a shame this is for me, for if I did how much more would my heart burst with love and gratitude for my Lord who showers blessings upon me.  Having a heart that is attentive to the whispers of His presence in my daily life is what I must foster. I must take the time to look in the nooks and crannies, and not race through my daily tasks with blinders on.  I want to be the tortoise - not the hare!


A day is a compilation of a million small moments.   Even what we perceive to be large events, are really just a moment.  Once passed, I can never get those moments back. I must not always be looking to the DAY ahead, rather the MOMENT I am in, the moment right before me.  If I can live each moment well, focusing only on what is right before me and uniting it to God, how much would the restlessness of my heart be calmed? How much more would I be able to see the love of Christ all around me?


My Lord and My God, thank you for loving me each moment of each day.  Give me a patient heart to see your love for me in all the nooks and crannies and truly rest in You.  JMJ


growing so fast!!