Love Made Visible

Thomas Athanasius
3/7/2018 8.01pm
9 lbs 1 ounce

One of the Hilgefort Academy class requirements is Latin.  It is incredible to me how quickly children can pick things up.  It has been wonderful for me to learn right along with them. We are not only learning the language of the Church, but valuable lessons in root words, vocabulary, and grammar are built right into our studies. The kids are much better than me at picking it up.  My brain is old and not as able to absorb things quite so fast!


Johnny just recently started his studies up in the new year.   Some of the earliest lessons focus on verbs. We start with action verbs, those you most likely can see.  The next lesson, delves into “invisible verbs.” Those verbs you cannot always see in action. Some examples are; think, hope, pray, and love.   


The words, “hope” and “think,” make sense to me in this category.  However, I think “love” doesn’t fall into this category as well. I believe true love, love built on self sacrifice, is a love that often is seen in action.


It has been a rough month at the Hilgefort house.  The end of February hit us with the flu and hard. I cannot remember a time I have felt so bad for so long.  Of course it was complicated by a very pregnant mom. Everytime I coughed, which was constantly, it felt like daggers in my belly.  The younger five also succumbed to the dreaded illness. It was a mess.


Thankfully, Dad remained healthy and my dear mother and Aunt Liz were there to help.  Through their actions they showed me love made visible each day. I know things were especially hard on my husband, who never complained, but always looked to help.  “In sickness and in health,” took on real meaning during this time. Our marriage vows lived out with joy. He is such a blessing to me.


What is love if it is not made visible through our actions?  It is hollow and lifeless, a promise never kept. No, true love is something that we can see in how we treat others, it is something we hear in the way we speak to others, it is something we feel in how we care for others.


This is the meaning of the crucifix.  Christ’s love made visible for us on the cross.  We need only to glance at it for a second to SEE that love lived out.  


This past Wednesday Thomas Athanasius was born.  Again, the love of a husband and wife made visible in this new little boy.   What a tremendous gift!


Easter is just around the corner.  Possibly we can question ourselves and our relationships.  Where are we not showing those around us a love they can see, hear, and feel?   Are we showing Christ our love made visible for Him? Does our love animate who we are?  A love that is only spoken of, but never lived is lifeless.


As we welcome Thomas Athanasius, I pray that our entire family can be an example of this visible love to him.  It is also my deepest prayer for him that his love of Christ becomes visible for the entire world to see. A love that animates his life and spills over to all he encounters.  A love that leads him to desire to please God, and God alone. A love that will ultimately lead him to heaven.


Thank you for all your prayers!  God Bless Thomas Athanasius! JMJ


Welcome Thomas Athanasius