Christ Within Us

Mother of Life by Nellie Edwards

This pregnancy is absolutely flying along.  Many were sure I was due around Christmas by my size, but alas, still a couple months to go.  Yes, I am aware, I am huge.   I love this part of the pregnancy, despite its occasional discomforts, as I am always feeling my baby move.  At the beginning, you can hardly believe you are carrying another little soul around.  Now, there is no doubt.  Thomas makes himself present in my daily life without doubt.  He gives his family members kicks from inside the womb, reminding them he is ready to join the fray.


For Christmas, my mother gave me a framed picture of one of my favorite images of Mary.  It is entitled, “Mother of Life.”  Painted by Nellie Edwards, it is a depiction of Mary kneeling adoring Christ in her pregnant womb.  What a beautiful image to meditate on!   I can so closely relate to the love she has for the child she carries.  Even more incredible as she carries her Savior, Jesus Christ.  She knows this, the Angel Gabriel told her clearly.  


After all, what made Mary so incredible?  It was her willingness to put God first at all times.   For nine blessed months, she carried the Creator of all things within her.  We know that even after His birth, Mary continued to be constantly faithful to God without exception.  In a way, she continued to carry Christ within her, uniting her heart to His.


In Advent, I wrote about the need for self reflection to help bring about change.  Another important thing to reflect on in our life is where we see Christ at work.  As Mary adores the Son in her womb, we can and should reflect on where we see Christ at work through us.  What are we doing WELL for Him?  Reflecting on these things gives us HOPE that we can do more by His grace.  It reminds us that He is very active in our life, He wants to be more present to us.  He wants us to bring Him and His Love to others.


The New Year always brings new resolutions.  So many of these fail.  Why?  We think we are able to accomplish them by our own efforts.  Our will and effort is important, but only part of the equation.  Humbly asking God for His aid is vital for success.  Seeing where we have allowed God to work through us and how He has enabled us to do things we didn’t think possible, is beneficial for the soul.  As we read in Scripture,  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. “ Phil 4:13


Thomas is so very active within me, and I look forward to meeting him face to face.  But even after birth, I will carry him with me.  My children are always with me in my heart.  My love for them, my desire to lead them to heaven, my joy for the gift of being their mother.  Mary  experienced all these emotions as well, but her love for Christ was perfect.  He was always present in her life, and she was always willing to say, “Yes!”  


This New Year, my prayer for you is to reflect on where Christ is active in your life.  Let these areas of your life be a light to you.  Let them shine on those areas we need to say, “Yes,” more fully.  Let them remind you that if you place yourself in God’s hand He can use you to show forth His Love and bring about change in your life.  


Mother of Life, teach me to love your Son as you loved Him!  JMJ


Christmas Eve 2017