Birds in the Chimney

A sweet little bird...

A bird built a nest in a friend’s chimney.  I couldn’t believe how loud they were.  It would go from quiet to the chatter of many little chicks squawking many times a day and night.  The kids were fascinated the first few times it happened, and then the noise just faded into the background for them.  For me, every time they began to chatter away I felt for mama bird who I knew was busy getting food for the chicks, feeding them, or cleaning up.  A mother understands well this movement from relative peace to an explosion of demands by many.  


Tate and I just found out we are expecting Hilgefort #10!  What a blessing and cause for much joy.  My sister joked that I moved Therese out of our room, only to discover I was pregnant two days later.  I could not be more excited and look forward to meeting this newest Hilgefort.  Another little bird for my nest.


I have those areas of my life that I need to work on, I have written on them many times!  However, there is one area of my life that I can say I have surrendered completely to God.  I have always welcomed with open arms whatever child God has sent me.  True love casts out all fear, and I have never feared how my life would change, or what sacrifices would be necessary.  I have always had an open heart.  I am so thankful that God has instilled this grace in me.


I can also say, without doubt, that this openness to life has been the cause of my greatest joy.   This is no coincidence and should be an example to me in other areas of my life.  Giving myself so freely to God’s will ends in joy.


Does this mean there is no sacrifice involved, of course not.  My mother always reminds me that our children are our cross and our crown.  But when those crosses are embraced they become sweet and the splendor of the crown is without compare.  Like those little squawking chicks in the chimney, children require much care and feeding.  


We happened to find out we were expecting on the feast day of Sts. Zelie and Louis Martin, the parents of St. Therese.  I also see this as no coincidence as we have a special friendship with them and ask them to pray for us each day.  They are a model of how to raise children to know, love and serve God.  In fact, all of their daughters that survived to adulthood became religious sisters.  


St. Zelie expresses beautifully their sentiments on parenthood, “When we had our children, our ideas changed a bit; we lived only for them; they were all our joy; and we never found our joy except in them.  Nothing was too costly for us to do for them; the world was no longer a burden.”


Her words express my own experience and that of so many parents.


Yes, my home is endlessly moving between a state of relative peace to much squawking and commotion.  This is my life as mom, caring and feeding for those God has entrusted to me and most importantly leading them to heaven.  Now, I need to learn from my own experience and be as open to God’s will in every facet of my life.  


St. Zelie and St. Louis Martin, pray for us and Baby Hilgefort #10! JMJ