Comparing Plates

My Sous Chef

Gianna has become quite the cook in our house.  She has enjoyed helping me over the years, which is a great blessing.  Now, she is capable of cooking many things independently.  Talk about wonderful!  Not only does she cook, but she will clean up.  A couple days ago, she was making scrambled eggs and toast for the family for breakfast.  She made it, toasted the bread, and served it up.  The other kids helped with drinks and utensils, but Gianna did the heavy lifting by far.  As we sat down to eat, one unnamed child remarked that they didn’t have as much eggs on their plate as everyone else.  Gianna had shortchanged them.


Are you kidding me?


Understanding all too well the time and effort Gianna had put into the breakfast, I told this child they should have a heart filled with gratitude and thanksgiving for what Gianna had made them.  Instead, they were concerned about getting “their share” and comparing plates.  Kids!


True confession - I am just as guilty about being ungrateful.  We are preparing to spend a week at Catholic Familyland next week.  We leave tomorrow morning.  Where is my excitement level?  About a 2.  What is filling my mind is all that needs to be done before we leave, all that will need to be done upon arrival, will Therese sleep well, and will the weather be good.  


I need to get a grip.


A week away with my family, spent with other amazing families, and growing in relationship with Christ; and this is my focus?!  I am embarrassed to even admit it.


So, starting this moment I am going to take the advice I gave my child at breakfast - enjoy the blessings you have been given.  The blessing of a house full of children.  The blessing of the ability to even take a vacation.  The blessing of Catholic Familyland.  I could go on - but you get the point.


A priest recently told me that having a heart full of thanksgiving and praise for God is the foundation of growing in relationship with Christ.  When I focus on all that I have been given, how could I help but be joyful?  Yes, I need to check myself at times and be thankful for all the eggs that are on my plate!


Keep the Hilgeforts in your prayers for safe travels.  It is just a short 4 hour drive thankfully.  JMJ


"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18




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