Falling in Love

This Saturday Tate and I celebrate 17 years of wedded bliss.  Where does the time go?  I pulled out the wedding album and couldn’t believe how young we looked.  Not to mention those who were with us then who have since gone to God.  Mary walked over and looked at it and exclaimed, “You’re a princess Mom!  A princess!”  So sweet! 


I can remember before meeting Tate, I prayed that God would send me a husband who kept his Rosary on his nightstand.  I desired a husband to lead me to Christ in all he did.  I am not sure why I remember that prayer so clearly, but I do.  Wow, did God answer in spades!  However, when we first met, we both had a lot of growing up to do.  It is incredible to think that of all places, we met in a bar.  Longworth’s in Mt. Adams was where this family of 9 (and hopefully more!) began.   (Is it ok to add b-que to that when the kids ask where we met?  Hmmm.)


I called my mom the next morning and told her I had met the man I was going to marry.  Mom thought I was crazy, but in this particular instance I wasn’t.  From the moment we met, it was Tate and it always will be.  Now those of you who know us may question exactly why that is since Tate lives to torment and tease me.  What can I say?  I am a glutton for punishment and as Tate reminds me often, I am an easy target to tease.  We were married on a beautiful sunny day with crystal blue skies.  I couldn’t have been happier and had no reservations.  That entire day is a bit of blur with moments of clarity.  It was one of the best days of my life without a doubt.  Plus, I had a two week honeymoon in Hawaii to look forward to!


I am extremely grateful to God for the desire I have always had in my heart to serve and love my husband. (This is not to say I do it perfectly!)    This has been a tremendous blessing.  Upon reflection, I think that God places that desire to embrace our vocation in each of our hearts when we follow His will.  When we find where He is calling us in our life, we cannot help but feel tremendous joy and contentment.  Has there been struggles, tears, angry words - of course.  But when I reflect back on our 17 years, that is not where my mind goes.  My mind goes to evenings as family with nothing particular to do, sitting on the couch talking about our day, family vacations, births (lots!), Christmas mornings, and on and on.


Falling in love is more than just a moment, a week, a month.  When we unite ourselves to God and give all we have to him, He continues to show us how to love more perfectly each and every day.  We find ourselves falling deeper and deeper in love.  My love can grow and increase each and every day. We are called to fall in love each day with the gift of our faith, with our spouse, with our children, with the gift of our vocation.


When I make that time to be with Tate, to talk with him, laugh with him, just be - our marriage is full of joy.  It is easy to be together and we truly are helpmates.  I make that time to fall deeper in love with him by my actions and actively giving him my heart by giving him my life.  How do we fall deeper in love with God each day?  In the same way.  We spend time with Him.  We talk to Him in prayer.  We learn about him in Scripture.  We think back and meditate on His life.  Inevitably we find ourselves giving our heart and life more and more to our Creator and falling deeper into love.  


If we love less today than we did yesterday that is a sadness. Let us strive above all to love more tomorrow than we did today. The only way to do this is to ask Christ for His most Sacred Heart.  He alone can teach us to live our vocation more fully and embrace all the crosses that come with it.  

We were made to love and be loved. It is a gift I do not deserve to have a husband who loves me as I know Tate does.  I pray that God blesses us with a long life together, but come what may, the years up to now were worth whatever may come tomorrow.

Prayer Request

I am thankful for the gift of friends who are priests, and I see in them this great love of their vocation as well. God has instilled in them a desire to lay down their life for the people of God.  

Several men are  taking another step closer to becoming priests by being ordained a transitional deacons this weekend.  In a year, they will make that final step to fulfilling their vocation.  Please keep them and those being ordained priests in month in your prayers.   May they too fall in love with their vocation more each day


To be ordained transitional deacons 4/29

Jarred Kohn

Andy Smith

Craig Best

Jake Willig


To be ordained priests

Peter Langenkamp

Alex Witt

David Doseck

David Webb (Tulsa)

Duy Nguyen

Juan Gutierrez

17 Years Ago...

We didn't look to shabby!!