Loving in the Moment

The Birthday Boy!

Tuesday morning started like any other day.  Alarm at 6:30, morning prayers and start getting ready.  We go to daily Mass at 7:30, so there is no extra time to daddle in the morning.  Everyone must get up and get moving so we can get out and to Mass on time.  It’s a lot of bodies to get moving, and some are more willing than others as you can imagine.  


We made it out and to Mass on time without much trouble.  It is such a wonderful way to start our day.  A time to pray and fortify our souls for the day ahead.  As we were leaving, Tate mentioned to a friend that it was Johnny’s 7th birthday.


My heart dropped.  I had completely forgotten to wish Johnny a happy birthday when I got him up in the morning.  No big birthday squeeze.  No I love you.  Oh my goodness!  Not only that, it still hadn’t crossed my mind that it was his birthday.  Now, I knew it was his birthday and had gifts, etc.  However, somewhere in the chaos of the morning, I had lost sight of the one really important thing I should have remembered.  My Johnny’s 7th birthday.  


Thankfully he has a generous and forgiving heart.  I gave him the hug he should have received when he first opened his eyes and told him I loved him.  Thank you God for the gift of Johnny!


It can be so terribly difficult to keep sight of what is truly important in all the moments of our day.  I think I am getting things done, when really I have missed the boat.  What is important?  What should remain with me each moment of each day?  


I was made by God in love to love.  


Whatever I think I may have accomplished, if I haven’t done it with love I am that noisy gong or clanging cymbal St. Paul speaks about in Corinthians 13:1.  Moving mountains, speaking in tongues, knowledge of all things - meaningless without love of God and neighbor.  Wow!  I can move a mountain, and St. Paul says that is nothing without love.  He is really letting us know he is serious.


I know just how difficult it is to love through each moment of each day though it is a constant battle.  However, this is what I am called to.  I am called to be in the moment, and understand that in that moment, I am called to love.  Joys, works, and sufferings - all of it - loving.  


We are reading a book on Mother Teresa’s life.  It is an incredible book and one worth reading with your entire family.   It is called Mother Teresa of Calcutta:  A Personal Portrait by Fr. Leo Maasburg.  This author personally knew and travelled with Mother Teresa.  His insights into her simple faith are inspiring.  How did this little woman working in the slums of Calcutta change the entire world?  Love.  


Mother Teresa knew what it meant to love each and every moment.  Each and every person.  There are countless stories of people speaking to her only once, and being forever changed in astounding ways.  Miracle upon miracle.  People who worked around her just came to expect them.  All this because she chose to love God and neighbor completely.


James’ birthday is Saturday.  Hopefully, I can get this one right and wake him up with birthday wishes and hugs!   Even more, I pray I am able to truly love in more moments today than I did yesterday, and more still the day after that.   Each moment I don’t love, is an opportunity I am wasting.  All these moments of love, all these opportunities of love, are gifts from God.  Will I accept the gifts He so generously places in my life each and every day?   Please pray for me that I do.


I leave you with a quote from Mother Teresa from my Morning Offering today.  It spoke straight to my heart.  


Keep the joy of loving God in your heart and share this joy with all you meet, especially your family.  Be holy.

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