Rolling the Dice

Two of my three March babies. God is so generous.

Nap time is a blessed time in our house.  Having that little bit of quiet in the day when the little ones are down gives me the opportunity to really get some things done, pray, and even on occasion read.  Nothing is louder than a knock on the door at naptime.  What is that person thinking?!  Do they not see the 15 passenger van in the driveway?!  How can they not know that someone must be sleeping?!  Whoa to the neighborhood child who has made that mistake.  Don’t mess with mama’s quiet time.


Last week during during naps, Peter decided it was time to get out a pair of dice and start rolling them.  We have these big dice and each kid will roll one and the highest number wins.  I know, it’s exciting stuff, but it’s an easy game and the little kids enjoy it.  Peter had done this without permission clearly.  After I heard the dice rolling on the kitchen table, I quickly went in and asked him to stop making all that noise and put the dice away.  He turned to me and said, “Mom, I’m not making any noise the dice are!”


I have to admit he had me.  I tried to supress the smile and told him to keep the dice quiet and put them away.


Shifting the blame, making excuses, this is an all too common occurrence in our home.  It’s rare that anyone ever owns up to their mistakes without first insisting that they are innocent, and someone else caused the problem.  Each child is firmly convinced they are the most persecuted in the family, suffering great injustice, and taking the blame for their siblings shortcomings.  Oh, the sadness!


Get real.  99.9% of the time they are guilty.  


I recently had a friend explain humility in confession as simply stating our sins without making excuses for them.  I thought it was a beautiful insight.  Although I try to avoid falling into this trap, I do.  It sounds much better when I confess my sins to make excuses for them.  “I was impatient with my children, but they were not listening to me and I can only take so much.”  Oh, no!  I have made an excuse for my poor behavior. Unfortunately, I am missing the boat and am acting just like Peter and his dice.


The first step to change is owning up to my shortcomings honestly.  No one forces me to yell and lose my temper, I choose not to control my passions and fall into sin.  My husband didn’t cause me to say something uncharitable to him when he said some remark I found offensive, I chose to repay unkindness with unkindness.


If anyone had the ability to lay the blame, it was Jesus Christ.  Hanging from the cross, He had every right to lose his patience and yell at His children.  Instead, he takes the burden, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.”  




Where am I shifting the blame?  What excuses am I making for my bad behaviours.  Hmmm, it’s not easy trying to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect!  However, we are called to holiness so let us strive for it.  

Thank you Lord for carrying the weight of my sins and paying the price for me, a sinner.   JMJ

Lenten Soup and Speaker Series

On Monday March 20 Father Jon Paul Bevak will be giving a talk on how to make a good confession.  He will help shed some light on honestly looking at our shortcomings and going to Christ for healing and strength.  This is a practical talk for all of us as we approach Easter and hopefully make that time for our Confession.  

Various soups will be served at 6pm and Fr. Jon Paul will speak at 7.  Come for both or just the speaker!  We hope to see you there!

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