Kelly and Dan 2.0

Kelly and Dan 2.0

The night was winding down and I was in the kitchen, as usual, straightening up a bit.  Drew was in the living room reading The Grinch to Peter.  After he finished reading he asked Peter a question.  


Drew:  “Peter, the reason for Christmas is A. Presents,  B. Santa, or C. Jesus.”  

Peter shouts, “Presents!”

Drew make a buzzer noise.  “Wrong.  Try again.”

Peter:  “Toys!”


That’s not even an option Peter!  His mind is obviously on the stuff!  At this point, I couldn’t help but chime in and clarify exactly what Christmas is about.  (Maybe Peter should read my blog!)  Since then, he has been getting regular quizzes on the meaning of Christmas.  He best have this answer down come the big day!


How easy it is for our kids, for all of us, to lose sight of what this season is really about.  Preparing in our hearts a home for the baby Jesus.  A place for Him to be loved by us and love in return.  A place for Him to stay and continue to grow.


I recently was reading an update on a friend who is struggling with cancer.   His wife has been writing these incredible posts.  You think they would be filled more with sorrow, instead they are filled with joy.  Joy in all the little things in life; the ability to work, coming home and making dinner, sitting on the couch at the end of the day.  It doesn’t sound extraordinary, but now each moment has become a gift.   Not something to be taken for granted.  All things have come into focus so vividly for them.  She calls them Kelly and Dan 2.0.  They are the new and improved versions of themselves.  Cancer has not lessened their life or their love, indeed it has made it all the sweeter.  If only all of our Christmas’ could have such clarity and beauty.


For my part, too much of the past week has been spent in a flutter of activity.  Then I read Kelly’s latest post and she closed it with a quote from St. Francis de Sales:


“Never be in hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit.  Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”


That quote really spoke to me.  So much so that I wrote it out and put it by my kitchen sink.  When I read it to Tate he said simply, “You have some work to do.”  Leave it to my husband to say what he feels!


Hopefully in the days ahead, I take these words to heart.  I take some extra time no matter how busy the day, to reflect on the joy of the Baby Jesus.  I thank God for all the gifts He has poured out upon me.  I can savor the simplicity of a noisy dinner table, the beauty of kids paint all over the table, and appreciate the sound of a boisterous game in the basement.


Not hurry.  Be calm in spirit and not lose my inner peace.  It’s a tall order, especially for my personality,  but I will do my best!


I want to look at the world through the eyes of Kelly and Dan 2.0 and appreciate each and every moment for the gift it is.

God Bless you and have a Merry (and unhurried) Christmas.  Keep Kelly and Dan in your prayers.  JMJ