Finding Your Feet and Catching Leaves

Leaves and Toes!!!

It’s hilarious when babies find their feet.  They were always there, but one day they actually discover them.  They grab them, coo at them, put toes in their mouth.  It’s big stuff in their baby world.  When Therese starts getting a little fussy, I take off her socks and lay her down.  More than not, she will find her feet and have a good old time.  I can’t blame her.  I like kissing and playing with them too!  They are especially tasty toes:)


While Therese was busy playing with her toes one day, I was washing dishing.  All of the sudden I heard shrieks of laughter and delight.  Peter was outside in the backyard, running around in ecstasy.  He ran up the deck and in the house and declared, “I caught a leaf!”  He then promptly ran back outside and waited for the next breeze to knock another batch of leaves down and again laughed with little boy joy.


Therese always had her little feet and the leaves have been falling for a couple weeks, but Therese and Pete both discovered these joys that were with them all the time.  Simple pleasures.  Thank heavens for children and their love of little things.


Dare I ask what gifts are right before me that I have yet to find?  Am I looking for the blessings that God is placed right within my home?   Do I look up into the sky and take the time to appreciate the majesty of God’s creation like Peter?


In confession recently, I was remarking to the priest how disheartened I was with myself at my inability to overcome the repetitive sins of my daily life.  He reminded me to look at the blessings in my life to remind myself of God’s fidelity and love for me.  While it is necessary to understand my shortcomings, I needed to see God has not lost faith in me and he does love me.  If He can remain faithful, I can remain faithful through the struggle and with His grace and love; live one day better than the one before.  I can’t hope to scale the mountain in a day.  Sometimes, I barely move at all, but I am moving!


When I look to see all the blessings God has given me, even some I hadn’t taken the time to appreciate, I am strengthened to love God more, and in turn my husband, children, and neighbor.  


Maybe next time I will take a break from the dishes, and go out and join Peter in catching a leaf.  (While Therese’s feet are perfect, mine are too far away from my face!)  Who knows.  What I can do for sure is have eyes to see the joys within the walls of my home and right out my door.  


Lord, give me the heart of a child to see the simple pleasures and blessings you shower upon me.  JMJ


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