Spiderman and Mr. Incredible never looked so good!

So the costumes may have been brought out a little too early this year at the Hilgeforts.  We have a couple bins of various costumes that we have bought and others that people have given to us.  The nicer ones, of course, are the ones others have bought and given to us.  I fall more under the umbrella of my mom’s philosophy on costumes; use whatever costs nothing.  I am not sure how many years in a row Jessie was a “valley girl” which basically meant a pair of jeans and way too much makeup.  She was looking good compared to me.  I wore this awful multicolored clown wig and painted my nose red.  If I did that now - they would be calling the police on me!


Johnny is going to be Mr. Incredible and it’s a pretty SWEET costume, fake muscles and all.  Peter followed in the same spirit with a Spiderman suit, again, buffed out with muscles.  You know we didn’t buy either of those!  Dez made the costumes even better by adding a couple face masks and buying some winter gloves that matched.


As you know, the past few days have been fairly warm.  But Johnny and Peter have worn those full body costumes, with clothes on underneath.  Face masks and gloves too.  I have no idea how they didn’t blow up from the heat.  I have to give it to them though.  They were committed, and they looked good.  They were glistening with sweat the entire time, but they were not going to take those costumes off.  Johnny even wore his when he biked with me on my runs.


Sadly, Mr. Incredible is starting to pull apart a bit, so we have tucked them away so they can last for the real night of action a couple weeks off.  The costumes may have looked nice, but were still cheaply made in the end and not intended to be worn by REAL superheros!


I have to say I admire Johnny and Peter’s commitment.  They were wearing clothes, a costume with built in muscles, AND masks and winter gloves,  You couldn’t have paid me to put it on!  And yet they were running around happily for days.  


It’s all in our perspective isn’t it?  Are we focused on the blessings or the hardships?  For Johnny and Peter, they were focused on the blessing of a fun costume and playing the superhero.  When they took the costumes off, they couldn’t wait to put them on in the morning.  For me, the only thing I could think about was how hot those costumes must be.  I am such a killjoy.


This lesson can be applied to so many things in our life though.  Am I focused on the enormous mess in my kitchen, or the blessing of having a home full of children and laughter?  Am I focused on what I wished I looked like, or am I grateful for the blessing of good health?  In the end, am I too focused on the crosses in my life, or am I grateful for all the many gifts God has bestowed on me?  


Where is my focus?


This is so very important  because what you focus on determines the person you are.  Johnny and Peter are living the superhero dream and loving it.  Are they hot?  You bet - but that isn’t what they are worried about.


Maybe, next time I find my mood beginning to sour (which won’t be too long off), I can ask myself what I am focusing on.  

Dear Lord, help me to keep my blessings in the front of my mind always and to be a joyful wife, mother, and friend.  JMJ

That is authentic dirt on Pete's face!

If you are wondering, that is just dirt on his face! Goes with the Pit Crew idea though!

Drew's 8th Grade Poster

Examining Your Conscience

When people think of examining your conscience, they often think of confession, and rightly so  It is very important to do a good examination before walking into a confessional.  However, taking the time to do take a look at yourself, not just once in awhile before confession, but several times a day, will dramatically impact your life.  Speaking for myself, natural times of reflection are the end of the night.  What do I need to improve upon?  Where have I fallen short?  Then again, as I begin my day, and do my Morning Offering, I resolve to live the day better than the one before.  Unfortunately, I am all too flawed.


However, if I take a few minutes before lunch and think about where I stumbled, I can again rededicate myself to being the mother God is calling me to be.  I can again do this at 3pm, and before dinner.  I know this may sound like a lot, and I certainly need to do a better job of doing this consistently, but when I do, things do not spiral out of control as much.  When I go through the day with no thought to my actions and words, it seems things continue to escalate.  But taking those five minutes to reflect several times a day, allows me to decompress and ask for the help of the Holy Spirit and more closely resemble who I so greatly desire to be - a good, patient, and holy mother and wife.

I am going to try and do a better job of taking the time during the day to look at myself.  By doing so, I will become more attune to when I am falling into sin and hopefully avoid it.  I am certain my children and husband will thank me for it!