Little Peeks

If you can believe it, I am already 28 weeks along with Baby Therese.  Yesterday, I had the privilege of catching a glimpse of her sweet perfection.  I am just amazed at the technology these days!  She was very busy playing with her foot and hand in front of her face, but we did manage to catch a quick moment of just her little face.  She has the Hilgefort upturned nose and cheeks.  She is approximately 2 pounds 14 ounces of cuteness.  God is amazing!


I love these little peeks of my babies.  It leaves me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and love for this little bundle of joy.  Just a small glimpse brings so much happiness.  Of course, I promptly share these little peeks with my family and friends (love my phone!), and the joy just continues to ripple out.  


In the wake of yet another terror attack in the world yesterday in Brussels, people often wonder where is God in the midst of all this sadness, hatred, and death.  The world so desperately needs Christ, even just a peek.  They need to know there is something far more powerful than the hatred that seems to dominate.


We must give these glimpses of Christ to the world.  Christ lives in each and everyone of us who unites ourselves to him.  Through prayer, the sacraments, and Scripture, Christ takes up residence in our soul.  This love is so great it is meant to be shared with others. We must show those around us what love is.  We must be a living witness of self sacrifice and charity.  We must show by our lives there is something far more powerful than the darkness.  Christ is the Light of the world!  Nothing will overcome it.


When we show others these glimpses of Christ, they will in turn pass them on themselves.  The ripple effect from one act of love is beyond our ability to even know.  


Blessed Mother Teresa says, "Keep the joy of loving God in your heart and share this joy with all you meet, especially your family. Be holy."


Each act of love for our family, friends, or complete strangers is a little peek into the life of Christ.  Our acts of charity show all those around us who it is we live to serve.  The love and joy of Christ cannot help but attract those struggling in darkness.  They are looking for the Light.


We need only remember the darkness that seemed to have won on the day of Christ’s crucifixion.  Even death could not contain the Light.  We are a people of hope.


The deacon at Mass today mentioned our choice is Christ or chaos.  I choose Christ.


Lord, I pray that my family, friends, and even strangers, may see the love of Christ in all I do.  JMJ