Calling in the Experts

Since we moved into our home over nine years ago we have been battling small, but annoying problems in the kids bathroom.   The drain stopper had rusted out and we had to use a flat plastic stopper.  This wouldn’t be a problem, except when you have two little butts in there, sometimes three, it tends to get knocked off and the tub starts to drain.  Again, this wouldn’t be such a large problem, except you can’t add more water to the tub without cold water coming out of the shower head.  You can imagine how much a baby likes to have cold water raining down on their head while in the bath.  Not at all!!  


In short we had a problem that was excacerbated by other problems.  We just learned to manage and deal with the the annoyance.  (Is this sounding something like my pen issue?!)  Well, things came to a head this past week when water started coming out of our kitchen ceiling and running down our cabinets.  Directly above this is the kids tub. We could no longer ignore the problem at hand.  The paint was starting to bubble and our entire family was limited to the use of Mom and Dad’s shower.  This wasn’t going to do at all!!  We have a small bathroom, but I appreciate it as a space that is our own.


To make things even more interesting our kitchen sink started squirting water everywhere out of the head.  We did all we could think of and just assumed it was time to get a new one.  The house was having a rough April, and all I could see was money going out the door.


I called the plumber this morning, expecting the worst.  To my great surprise this dear man, Greg,  ended up being an angel in disguise.  He patiently listened to my explanation of the issue, and what I thought the problem was.  After this, he got to work.  


Without getting into all the details, in short order, he fixed the drain that was leaking, put in a working drain plug, fixed the leaking shower head, and fixed the kitchen sink.  It was incredible.  I am still in a state of shock.


All of my ideas of what the problems were, were wrong.  My conclusions seemed logical in my mind.  But alas, I am certainly NOT a plumber.  The kitchen sink was such a simple fix it was amazing.  Tate and I could have both looked at that thing for hours and not have known what needed to be fixed.  Unfortunately, my dear husband is NOT a plumber either!!


Just as we need to call in the experts for home repairs at times, we need to go to the experts when we are befuddled or struggling in our faith lives.  Possibly we don’t understand a teaching of the Church; we can approach our priest,  speak to a deacon, or even call Catholic Answers (1-888-31-TRUTH).  Maybe are having a crisis of faith or are unsure what to do in our lives, we can seek the help of spiritual advisor.  (If you need a spiritual advisor, you can speak to your parish priest for recommendations.)  Maybe we are broken by sin and pain, we can go to our Lord in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  


At times, we think we know what the problem is, only to find through the help of an expert that we were looking at things all wrong.  These problems may be simple fixes, or they may be longer more difficult endeavors.  Whatever the case, when done with the help of those who are better trained and have experience in these situation, we find the task much less daunting.  


Just as we hate getting a plumber who doesn’t know what he is doing, we must be careful to seek help in the right places and from people we can trust.  Our priests and deacons are there to help and guide us, don’t be afraid to seek their assistance.  


I am saying a little prayer of thanks for Greg and all his help in my home today.  If anyone needs a plumber, I highly recommend Osterwisch Company, 791-3282.  JMJ


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