Wasting Time

A lifetime ago...

I was recently going through some old photos and stumbled on a family photo from Hilton Head 2006.  Drew was 3, Cecelia 1.5, and Gianna 6 months.  Tate and I looked so very young.   The past ten years have been full of blessings, but it certainly has aged us.    The older I get, the more valuable time becomes.  Time is so precious and seems to pass by at ever increasing speed.  I couldn’t help but reflect back a bit on the past ten years.  How much of my time had I spent well and how much of my time had I wasted?


I feel like my life is accelerating to break neck speed right now.  I am in one of those crazy busy periods that descend upon us at times.  I feel a need deep in my soul to somehow slow down and take a step back.   This week has been a whirlwind.  On top of the engagements outside the home, I am also nesting and preparing for Therese Rose’s arrival 4-5 weeks away.  Cleaning out closets, washing clothes, and getting everything ready for this new little one.  Yes, I could use a day to just relax in my home and enjoy my children without any place to go to or closet on my mind to clean out.  


Unfortunately, I don’t see that day happening in the near future.  There are things that need to be done as a mother, there is just no way around it.  There are obligations we have that we have to keep.  So where does that leave me?


I am called to do all things with love and to the best of my ability, one task at a time.  When things seem endless, or I feel I can’t go on, I need to turn my mind to God and ask for his grace.  I need to use my mouth to speak with charity.  I need to use my body to show my love for my family and serve my neighbor.  Then, at the end of the day, no matter how busy the day was or how tired I am, I can rest knowing I served the Lord well and to the very best of my ability. I can know that my time was well spent, and not wasted.


Our lives are meant to be an offering to God.  He has given me so very much.  I am called to be a good steward of all the treasures in my life.  I am called to use my talents to build up the kingdom of God.  Rest will come, and I need to make time for unwinding, but my life at this time is going to largely be a very busy one.  This is my vocation.  This is my life.  I can choose to do it well and sleep peacefully or I can make choices that lead to regret and sleepless nights.


Ten years from now, if by God’s grace I still am here, I may find myself looking at a picture of our family now.  I pray I can look back and know I spent the past ten years well.  


God, give me your heart to love you and all those in my life as you love me.  JMJ