Finding Peace in the Chaos

Johnny found a little peace...

When we were in Gatlinburg a few weeks ago, I saw a woman pushing her dog in a pink stroller.  Mind you, this dog was not injured or unable to walk.  This stroller did not appear to be a baby stroller either.  From what I could tell, it was specifically made to push your furry friend around in.


Really?  I found the whole scene to be completely absurd.  However, at least it wasn’t morally objectionable compared to the other things that are going on in our country today.  The whole affair over restrooms, and which restrooms people are allowed to use, is terrifying.  Laying toilet paper on the seat to make sure it was clean used to be my main concern for my children.  Now I have to worry about men using the women’s restrooms?  What is going on?!


Everywhere I look it seems to be one thing more bizarre than the next.  What’s more, all is celebrated in a spirit of “tolerance.”  But what does tolerance mean?  There certainly is not much tolerance when it comes to prayer, or speaking about Christ, or having a set of beliefs grounded in our Christian faith.    


What are the goals of this world?  In my opinion, the world tells you to do whatever feels right to you.  Seek the pleasures of the here and now.  Above all, never cast judgement on another.  (Unless, of course, they are followers of Christ, then all is fair game)  Live and let live.  What are the fruits of this way of thinking?  Chaos.  We see it all around us.  In the end, it inevitably leads to our destruction in this life and the next.


Let’s look at the other side of the coin.  On Saturday, seven men will be ordained to the priesthood in Cincinnati.  These men will all take vows of obedience and celibacy.  (Talk about radical in the eyes of the world!)  They will pledge their lives to the care of Christ’s flock.  


These men will wear black to symbolize their dying to the world.  They will lead, by the grace of God, all those they shepherd to Christ.  They take the vow of celibacy so they can give everything to God.  They are an eschatological sign of what it will be like in heaven where there will be no marriage.  These men follow the steps of the Apostles in taking Christ to the world.  It is true that we are all called to this vocation to some extent, but these men do this in singular way that is unique to their vocation.  In fact, their soul will be forever marked with a sign that they were holy priests of God.  


What will be their goals?  They seek to bring Christ’s mercy to a world that is full of sin and pain.  They will seek to teach the world about Christ, our brother, who loves us.  They will minister to those who are suffering loss and bring them comfort.  Above all, they will bring us Christ’s life through the sacraments.  Every moment of every day will be dedicated to bringing the Peace of Christ to a world in chaos.  What will be the fruits of their labor?  They hope and pray it will be leading souls to heaven.  What greater calling is there than this?


Christ promised he would not leave us orphans.  He continues to send us those who lead us to Christ.  He continues to inflame hearts with the courage to speak about his mercy and love.  He continues to be the only answer to the chaos in this world.


Please keep in your prayers Sean Wilson, Alex McCullough, Eric Roush, Tim Fahey, Jason Williams,  Matt Feist, and Chris Geiger as they prepare to be ordained this Saturday.  Please also pray that more men will answer the call to shepherd the people of God and bring peace to a world engulfed in chaos.  JMJ