Sweet Baby James

We have been praying for you since the moment we found out we were expecting.  This week, we found out that you are a boy.  Our Sweet Baby James!  I thought you might like a short introduction to the family and a few tips.


You have tipped the balance of power well into the boy’s hands, making the count 5-3!  I hope you are ready to wrestle, play LOTS of backyard football, and keep up with those older brothers.  Drew is your oldest brother, but don’t expect him to take it easy on you!   Joseph is kind and gentle until you get him in the backyard with a football.  Johnny is a ball of fun unless you attempt an onside kick in Madden 13 football.  (He really doesn’t like that!) Peter gives hugs that may be a bit too tight, but he means well.  Gianna is the way to go if you really want someone to play with you.  She is very good at making everything fun.  Cecelia is your little mom, you can count on her to help you whenever you need it.  You may be bigger than Mary when you are born, so be good to her.  She is our Little Bit.  Your father will teach you about a father’s love, working hard, loving God in all things, forgiveness, and of course basketball!!!  


James, God made you to love and be loved.  You are loved beyond words by your family and countless friends.  My prayer for you is that you return that love to God first, and then to all those around you.  May you be a light to this world and shine with the love of Christ in all you do.  I am a far from perfect mother, but will do all I can to help you be this light.  Even though I should fall short, know that your Heavenly Mother, Mary, will never disappoint.  She will always lead you perfectly to her son.


Looking forward to kissing your sweet face, but until then I will enjoy all your little kicks, jabs and sleep!


Thank you God for the gift of this sweet baby boy.  JMJ