Keeping Up...

Pistol Pete leading the way

If you can believe it Therese is already 6 weeks old.  The excuses have now officially come to an end.  Time to lose the baby weight and get back to exercising.  It always feels good to lose the weight.  Unfortunately, it is not as much fun doing the legwork!


As I was getting ready to go on my SLOW run today, I asked my two pace cars (or bikes in this case), Johnny and Joseph, to join me.  Peter piped up, “I want to come too, Mom!”  To which Johnny quickly replied, “You are too slow Peter!”  


Johnny didn’t take into account two things.  First, how really slow I am now.  Second, and even more importantly, how determined Peter is to keep up with his older siblings.  I told Peter, who is still on training wheels, he was welcome to come with us.  I run a loop so it would be easy to drop him off on the run at different points.  


I am happy to report that Peter was a champ.  He was pumping those little legs so hard to get up the hills quickly and making the most of coasting downhill.  It brought my heart great pleasure to watch him working so hard.  He didn’t quite finish the whole run, but made it ⅔ of the way. Pistol Pete strikes again!


Peter’s desire to improve and be more like his older brothers and sisters serves him well.  It pushed him to get off his tricycle and onto his bike and it will soon motivate him to take those training wheels off and really get moving.  The (mostly) positive example of his older brothers and sisters in his life is a great gift to him.  


In our faith lives, we too need examples that push us out of our comfort zone.  We need to have role models in our Christian faith that encourage us to grow in holiness, that point the way to a closer relationship with Christ.   We must ask ourselves in our faith lives; do we compare ourselves to those who do less and think how much better we are?  Or, are we looking to the lives of the saints and those around us that challenge us to love Christ more in our neighbor with our every action?


We cannot be content with where we are, we are called to grow in holiness each and every day until our death.  We are going to have to pump our legs hard and we may fall a bit short at times, but if we keep at it we will continue to improve.


Let’s take a page out of little Peter’s book, and find positive role models in our life.  People that challenge us to be more and love more each day.  Let’s never be content with the status quo.  Let’s strive to live today better than we lived the day before.

Keeping pumping those legs Peter!  Mom is proud of you!  JMJ

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